When I was 24 a friend of mine and I traveled from Japan to Europe in a Toyota High Ace. This photo book is the story of our seven months journey. While traveling from Istanbul to the Bosporus Straits,we would set up camp as the sun set,and set off at the sunrise.From Turkey we set out on our long awaited trip to the Silk Road.We drove through Shiraz,studded with the Byzantine ruins,Iran,Afghanistan,Pakistan,India,and Nepal.There used to be busses running from London to Kathmandu,and young people would often head for Kathmandu in search of pagan culture.Despite poverty Afghanistan was peaceful.The most difficult leg of the Journey was crossing the border between India and Pakistan.
  Since the third India-Pakistan war,the gate has only opened once a week.We safely traveled the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan,passed through chaotic Pakistan,and after a week journey finally arrived in India.Just as the climate changed from desert to jungle,and the culture from Islam to Hindu I felt a change happening inside myself. Total Planning Center Press.Published 1991.

Toshio Enomoto